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A straight truck is a truck with two or three axles. Its main difference which is relative to the truck is the individual chassis of the flat truck, which combines a cabin, sleeping place, and cargo box. This usually makes it a little easier to drive and manage,...

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Tips for proper fuel saving in America for truck owners

TIPS FOR PROPER FUEL SAVING IN AMERICA FOR TRUCK OWNERSDepending on the price of fuel in America, it is quite low compared to other countries, however, it makes a big item in the truck business. Fuel prices vary by state, but the average ranges from $ 1.7-2.5 per...

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How to go to America and drive a truck?

HOW TO GO TO AMERICA AND DRIVE A TRUCK?Many of you have asked us questions on this topic, so we want to give you useful information and advise you on the best way how to go to America and drive a truck. There are many ways to go to America. For example, one of which...

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Advice for proper nutrition and training in the road

ADVICE FOR PROPER NUTRITION AND TRAINING ON THE ROADDue to the long drive and long sitting in the truck, your body becomes less functional over time, the muscles trophies, and your body starts being fat. To reduce the risk of increasing obesity, and therefore...

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Truck driving in the USA

HOW MUCH CAN EARN AS A TRUCK DRIVER IN THE USA? People from Eastern Europe, often wonder how much people approximately earn in the trucking industry. We decided to reveal HOW MUCH TRUCKERS REALLY EARN! Currently, they are one of the better-paid jobs (without a...

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