A straight truck is a truck with two or three axles. Its main difference which is relative to the truck is the individual chassis of the flat truck, which combines a cabin, sleeping place, and cargo box.

This usually makes it a little easier to drive and manage, though it sacrifices some versatility and load options.

They are mainly used for the moving industry and for loads of smaller capacity, household items, furniture. These trucks have rolling doors to open, and some of them have a lowering ramp to unload cargo faster. Trucks can be 36-48ft long, 3.6ft high, and the height can be up to 10t.

Most of them do not have a sleeper bed, so it can only be used for day trips. He is not towing a trailer but has a cargo box on his chassis.

A lot of people want to do work on a straight truck because the truck is a CDL-B class and can be driven with a car license from different states like New York, Washington, Colorado, Utah, North Carolina.

It is easier for drivers to get a job without experience, because it is not a large truck, and to gain beginner’s experience in order to drive a truck later. Most tours are driven locally within one city, mostly packages are made for Amazon or XPO, and there is plenty of tours coast to coast, which means between countries.

Drivers are generally paid 0.45 cents per mile or a fixed $ 1100 per week.

It is possible to rent a truck and it costs about $ 1000 a week.

As a truck owner, you can earn $ 5,500 – $ 7,000 gross in a week.

The advantages of straight truck trucks are:

1. Easier parking because it is a smaller truck

2. Lots more opportunities for local tours, so you can be at home more often

3. Lower fuel consumption compared to a large truck

4. There are less tolls, because it is a truck with two axles

5. Faster loading and unloading if you have a door ramp

6. Lower maintenance cost costs

Our most famous companies in Chicago are: Magnum freight, Argo transportation, Raz transport, Caucasus express …

Our recommendation for students who want to pursue this business after the program, to get a car license while on the program and then look for a job in Chicago.