Depending on the price of fuel in America, it is quite low compared to other countries, however, it makes a big item in the truck business.

Fuel prices vary by state, but the average ranges from $ 1.7-2.5 per gallon.

If you would like to save a lot of fuel, you should pay attention to the following few things:


The average speed should be 61-63mph, and when changing gears, do not enter high revs and make sure you do not brake abruptly. Add moderate gas when accelerating, avoid the maximum speed of the truck. Consumption of fuel is also affected by driving through city crowds and open roads outside the city.


By tuning the valve regularly, you keep your truck in excellent condition for fuel consumption. Work on newer trucks at 150.000 miles, and on older ones that have gone over 1.000.000 at 100.000 miles.


Load weight significantly affects fuel consumption. The weather condition also has an oscillating fuel economy. e.g. wind strength has a strong impact on consumption and also percent of uphill.

Image 1. Uphill sign


If you refuel yourself, we recommend that you take cards that give discounts, e.g. RTS fuel card and TCS fuel card. They have their own applications and are connected to truck stops and automatically show you at which pumps you have a certain discount. In case you can’t afford those cards, ask the logistics company for a fuel card and be sure to negotiate a FUEL SURCHARGE.
We recommend that you take loyalty cards at all truck stops to get points by refueling that you can use for showers, paying for food, and other little things.

Image 2. TCS fuel card

Image 3. Loyalty cards

       Image 4.  rts fuel card and EFC cards


You need to pay fuel taxes every 4 months that you pay if you have not refueled in a particular country. For example. You drive Chicago – Memphis tours, and you refuel only in Tennessee, you get IFTU for the state of Illinois and Indiana because you go through them. Mid-West states have lower taxes, and East Coast states have higher taxes, so they have more expensive fuel.
It is necessary to do research on how much each country takes tax on IFTU and focus on working in the cheapest possible areas.

Image 5. Illustration IFTA

Image 6. Illustration 2 IFTA


Significantly affects the fuel consumption of the area being driven, e.g. the central part is completely flat without hills and thus the consumption is uniform. The East Coast and West Coast are a little more hilly. The West Coast has more strong winds.


Our recommendation is that your tires be inflated to 110psi to avoid greater resistance when accelerating and braking. Therefore, the consumption is as even as possible.

Image 7. Tire inflation

Image 8. Tire inflation 2


A warmer period of time affects the reduction of fuel consumption, while a colder period of time requires higher consumption. During the winter period, make sure that you are driving in the warmer area that is in the south of the country, and be sure to add additives to the diesel in order to avoid freezing the diesel.



Some lesser-known pumps have a better fuel price than the better-known ones. You can view fuel prices and pump locations on the truck tolls and truck path App.

For example. Indian resorts do not pay a tax, so fuel is cheaper. Some states have lower fuel prices such as Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, South Carolina, and parts of New Mexico and Arizona in Indian resorts.
The highest quality is SHELL diesel fuel as well as DEF.

Image 9. Refuling

Image 10. Price of fuel


For proper engine operation, we recommend pouring the additives into the engine oil and into the diesel tank. The most famous and most tested is Motorkote and it gave a great result!

Image 11. Motorkote additive

Think about fuel consumption on time!


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