People from Eastern Europe, often wonder how much people approximately earn in the trucking industry.


Currently, they are one of the better-paid jobs (without a degree).

In the link below, WATCH VIDEO about life in America from the perspective of two young guys who have been spending there for several years:


How much truck drivers earn in America on average?

Actually, a truck driver earns 0,55 cents per mile (if he drives DRY VAN), and travels 3500 miles a week. A paycheck is every Friday.

The truck driver monthly expenses are:

Food on the road 1500$, Phone Unlimited Plan 230$, Violations approximately 500$

Red truck on the parking with driver outside

But, we want to share with you how much earn a truck driver in Europe! Our company will be growing very soon, so we would like to hire new drivers!

How much owner-operator (a driver who has his own truck) earn in America on average?

On average, the owner-operator earns a weekly gross of 7000-8000$.

Owner-operator monthly expenses are:

12% of gross earnings (dispatch, safety, and accounting), Trailer rental and trailer insurance 750-950$, Truck yard parking (200-250$), Truck fuel (average 6500-8000$),

Truck insurance – depending on the age of the truck and NVR and PSP of the driver license, if you have any violations, insurance is more expensive (180-800$),

Cargo insurance (1000$-1200$), ELD device – 150$, Truck expenses (parts) – 2000-3000$, Phone (unlimited plan) – 230$, Electronic toll device (Ipass) – 1000$. Food on the road – 1500$

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What do you need for one month on the road?

Navigation, Bluetooth

Phone, Equipment for personal hygiene

Tool for truck repair, Safety equipment

Sleeping equipment

What do you need to do when you have a flat tire on the road?

Depending on which tire is flat, pull your truck on the shoulder and check if you can drive to the nearest tire repair shop.

Firstly, if you are not able to drive your truck, you should call the nearest ROAD SERVICE!

After that, they will ask you to provide information about tire size and your location, as well as company information found in the truck blinder.

Equally important –  What do you need to do if you get involved in an accident?

The first step is to call the police and get the POLICE REPORT, take pictures of the damage on your truck and trailer, CDL picture of a participant, take pictures of their vehicle and damage, truck and trailer plates, name of the company, and MC and DOT company number.


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