As the owner of two companies, with over 6 years of work experience as a driver, I got the impression that drivers do not take enough care of their trucks.

The main reason for this is that maintenance can be very expensive or the fact that drivers usually do not own their personal trucks.

Your safety comes first! You do not forget that!

Please, follow and get some useful tips!


1. Change the engine oil every 10.000 miles (16.000 kilometers) – Strictly take care of oil change because the oil is the most important factor for engine operations and it is important to have good viscosity. If is oil sintetitics, than on the 30.000mi.



2. Alignment tires every 6 months – the tire wears out faster it is not balanced and in that case, it is not unstable or safe. Therefore, tires that wear faster need to be changed more often. Our recommendation is once in two years.


3. If is the temperature less than 27F (-2,7C) “Diesel 911” should be added. Additives depend on the brand of the vehicle, but “911” was tested on various brands, and showed the rating 4,8 – 5,0! IT IS THE BEST!


4. While driving downhill, apply the engine brake occasionally with constant braking and releasing the brake after 10 seconds – it may cause slippage if hold the brake all the time. Depress the brake occasionally and after literally 10 seconds released, repeat the process. The very important rule is the vehicle should move at the same speed downhill as it moves uphill.


5. In winter and rainy time, drive at a reduced speed and avoid the engine brake to prevent slippage – This is an important note! Whenever the weather is bad, the engine brake should be avoided. Keep the speed reduced and when you have to brake, do it gently, with a light touch on it.


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