Many of you have asked us questions on this topic, so we want to give you useful information and advise you on the best way how to go to America and drive a truck.

There are many ways to go to America. For example, one of which is if you are a full-time student of any faculty Work & Travel program and a graduate program of the Faculty of Agriculture Farm Exchange program. 

Therefore, you can find each of these programs in agencies for work in America, which are located in all major cities in Serbia.

Firstly, the Work & Travel program lasts 4 months, the goal is to work and travel around America using a J1 visa. The total investment in this program with a ticket to New York is about 2,500$.

Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket

Presentation of Work and Travel

Cape Cod

Hilton hotels

J1 students

Presentation of Work and Travel

Secondly, studying in America – you can apply to an American college, depending on the profession you are interested in. The duration of the visa (F1) is as long as the studies last. It cost about 1500$ per semester.


Sports college visa

College Football team

Students graduate

Academic of sport

Certificate of attendance

Be student

Student graduate

Volleyball college

The Farm Exchange program lasts 1 year with a visa extension period for another year.

Most Importantly, the employer granted you an extended visa. It is exclusively valid for students of the Faculty of Agriculture and works on estates, agricultural lands, farms, etc…

In another word, the goal of this program is the professional training of agricultural engineers. The price of this program is 2000$ with a plane ticket.

Work in a land

Agriculture presentation

Farm Market

Avocado, tomato, butter, spices, black knife and white cutting board on white truck's table.

Work in a land

Cow farm

Work in a cow farm

Work in a plant land

Summer Camp includes working with childer over the summer in summer camps (resorts), but, you need to have a certificate of a sport or some animation content to be able to apply for this program. For the during of this program, the visa lasts 3 months. 

Gymnastic camp

Prepare for hiking

Kayak kamp

Knight camp

Summer camp

Volleyball camp

Summer education camp

Similarly, Farm Exchanged Program, Lifeguard program for which you need an H2B visa that you get for a year. Summer work at swimming pools and resort as a lifeguard, it is necessary to have a certificate and confirmation from the company that you have been employed for more than two years.

But, this program the most expensive at all. The price of this program is 2800$ with an air ticket.


Venice beach

Student lifeguards

Summer lifeguard



Visit America like a tourist – by obtaining a tourist visa, you need a letter of guarantee from someone who is an American citizen (or at least his residence) and a guarantee that you will return safely to Serbia (something on your name – house, apartment, enough income that your company can guarantee). The price of the ticket is around 1000$.

You can apply for Green Card in the lottery following the site

In addition, after the program, go to Chicago, the center of the truck industry, and ask how you can drive a truck in America.

Our famous companies in Chicago that hiring truck drivers are AAA, Super Ego Holding, Maybach Group, Magnum Freight, Rain Dogs, Grass Hoppers Trans, Domino Express, JT Freight, AAM Network, Fors Corp, Cargo Network Solution, Mercator Trans, Raz Trucking, NationWide, Stela Express, Delta, Omega Freight,  MGR, Bari 91, Balkan Express

Advice for beginner drivers: Google them, contact them and some of them will help you with your license.

We’ll provide you more information about America, BUT in our company, you have a chance to work in Europe. Click HERE and fill up the contact form if you are interested in truck driving in Europe.